Superintendents Message

Superintendent's Message

As Supervisory Officers, we believe deeply in all our personnel and their ability to work collaboratively with our community in order to achieve and accomplish organizational goals.

Our operating values are as follows; ethical behaviour, respect for the dignity of others, collaborative partnerships with our community, operating a well-run organization, pride in service and professionalism. The purpose of these values is to align our organization so that everyone is working cohesively towards the same desired goals. As Auxiliary Officers we are all very passionate and committed to serving the citizens of Windsor and the Windsor Police Service.

This year, 13 new Auxiliary Recruits were hired bringing our total complement back to full strength. This will ensure that we can provide the highest level of service to the community in which we serve. These recruits along with our current members have exceeded Provincial Standards for training and are prepared for the various duties when our civilian members are called upon to perform.

Our Auxiliary unit continues to experience new and exciting endeavors. Each year, some of our members move on to serve with other law enforcement agencies across the Province of Ontario and Canada. They have proudly represented the Windsor Police Auxiliary Service and have moved on to become Police Cadets, Special Constables, CBSA Officers, Corrections Officers, Sheriffs and Emergency 9-1-1 Communicators. Others have become teachers, social workers, crown attorneys, lawyers, city councillors and even the Mayor of the City of Windsor! Drew Dilkens had spent 15 years with the Auxiliary Unit where he once served as Auxiliary Staff Sergeant. We believe this a positive and obvious indication of our high standards, commitment to professional development and our investment into the growth of our officers.


Christine Fitzgerald
Auxiliary Superintendent

Windsor Police Auxiliary Service