Youth Community Consultative Committee

The Windsor Police Service Youth Community Consultative Committee started in 2022. Working within an intersectional framework, the purpose of the Youth Community Consultative Committee (YCCC) is to assist the Windsor Police Service in gaining a broader understanding on how policies, programs and outreach initiatives impact the Youth community. The YCCC is composed of a maximum of 13 members, including 10 community members and is jointly chaired by a member of the community and a member of the Windsor Police Service.

The YCCC’s responsibilities will include:

a) providing meaningful and honest feedback about the ongoing relationship between the youth and the Windsor Police Service;
b) helping address obstacles or barriers hindering Police and youth engagement;
c) building partnerships and fostering relationships with youth leaders who can advocate for the work the Windsor Police Service performs within the community;
d) promoting volunteerism within the community and the Windsor Police Service;
e) building awareness of youth issues and assisting with solutions;
f) assisting our police service in the development of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion youth initiatives.

We are currently accepting applications for the Youth Community Consultative Committee. Click on the link below to fill out an application.