Elder Abuse

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The 2012 Windsor-Essex census projects that the population of those aged 65 years+ will increase 94% by 2025. Unfortunately this will also mean an increase in the reports to police for Elder Abuse. Windsor Police has taken several steps to work with the community to prevent further increases in Elder abuse. We have a designated Elder Abuse officer who is a member of the Elder Abuse Resource and Prevention Committee of Windsor-Essex. This group is made up of 26 agencies which provide education and awareness to the community on Elder Abuse.

Our patrol officers have been given detailed training on dealing with Elder Abuse issues. They also have additional training dealing with our aging population suffering from dementia. Windsor Police now uses the Short Orientation Memory and Concentration Test when dealing with someone who they suspect may have dementia. This allows us to bring in the proper agencies who can best deal with helping the senior and their family.

We would ask the public to be aware of the signs and symptoms of someone suffering from Elder abuse and report the abuse immediately:

Physical Abuse: unexplained bruising, untreated medical issues, over or under medicating, history of “accidents”, dehydration/malnutrition

Psychological Abuse: fear, anxiety, withdrawal, reluctance to speak openly, fearful of interaction with caregivers, caregiver speaking on behalf of person, not allowing privacy

Financial Abuse: unusual bank activity, sudden change in standard of living, overdue bills. See Crimes Against Seniors

Neglect: unkempt appearance, inappropriate or dirty clothing, unhealthy living conditions, lack of social contact, irregular/no medical appointments

Please contact Windsor Police or Crime Stoppers immediately if you witness or suspect Elder Abuse.

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