Marihuana Grow Ops

Marihuana Grow Listings

A marihuana home grow operation is a house or other building that has been modified in order to grow large amounts of marihuana. This marihuana is sold on the street by criminal organizations.

Sophisticated and significant structural changes are made in order to supply light, water and ventilation to the plants. These changes may make the house uninhabitable for any future residents without major repairs.

Home grow operations are found in all types of neighbourhoods. In fact, large homes are preferred because they provide a large grow capacity.


Property Behaviour

• the exterior of the residence is untidy and ill kept
• garbage bags filled with soil and plant material are discarded
• windows are covered to conceal activities
• bright light can be seen escaping from the windows
• an outbuilding is equip with air conditioner systems
• hydro meters have been tampered with or by-passed


• occupants only attend the home for short periods of time
• they enter and leave through the garage to conceal their identity and activities
• sounds of construction and ventilation fans can be heard
• people arriving and leaving with garbage bags full of property
• occupants bringing excessive amounts of soil and growing equipment into the house

If you suspect a marihuana grow-op in your neighbourhood, please call the Windsor Police Drug Enforcement Branch at 519-255-6700, extension 4360.

If you would like information on grow ops in your neighbourhood please contact the City of Windsor Building Department
or call the General Office Number 519-255-6267.