Personal Safety Tips

While anyone of any age can be victimized, children, women, seniors and persons with disabilities are usually more targeted. These guidelines will help you to protect yourself and your family in reducing crime and maintaining a more secure and safer environment.

  • If you live alone, use only first initials with surname on mail boxes, directories etc
  • Never open your door to a stranger who does not show proper identification.
  • Arrange a system so that someone has a key to your home and is aware of your whereabouts at all times especially if you live alone.
  • Don't display large amounts of money in public nor keep it in the home.
  • Don't leave keys hidden in obvious places.
  • Walk on well lit streets near the curb and away from alleys, particularly, if you must walk alone at night.
  • When in public, always beware of your surroundings. Be mindful of persons loitering or acting suspiciously.
  • If you suspect you are being followed, go to the nearest well lit place or populated area, and
    yell if necessary to attract attention.
  • Don't hitch-hike or pick up hitch-hikers. Once trapped inside the vehicle, it is difficult
    to escape.
  • If you are being sexually or physically abused at home, in the workplace, in a social
    setting, help is available Report the offence to a trusted person.
  • Be aware that any form of sexual activity without consent, even in a marriage or on a
    date, is a sexual assault and a criminal offence.