Safety Village

The Safety Village is a not-for-profit community organization that is the recognized leader in providing safety and injury-prevention education programs to residents of Windsor-Essex. Since 2003, the Windsor Police Service has provided continued support to The Safety Village.

Today the onsite office at The Safety Village includes a Uniformed Windsor Police Service officer from the Community Service Branch who operates the Crime Prevention Program as well as provides onsite safety education programs to many elementary school children annually. Over the years, we have provided safety programs to thousands of other children and families attending the numerous programs and events we offer.

The Safety Village and the Windsor Police Service have become great community partners.

Our vision is to create a community where every person knows how to stay safe and make smart choices.


Every Wednesday in July and August, Walk-In Wednesdays take plcae at Safety Village!
Come and tour The Safety Village and meet local emergency services crews who are on hand to answer questions about themselves and their equipment in an interactive, hands on experience.

Children have the opportunity to enjoy a cool puppet show and awesome interactive learning activities inside. Outside they can check out the miniature village on Foot, by Bike or in a Jeep! The FANTASTIC summer staff is on hand to interact with and ensure that you have an afternoon full of fun and learning about how to play safe.

There are also morning and afternoon tours to groups, day cares and summer camps looking for a few hours of fun.


Car seat inspections and installations are done only through appointments made over the phone. Our officers who are Certified Car Seat Technicians also participate in various Car Seat Clinics organised by CPSAC throughout the year in the City of Windsor. Please follow our Community calendar on the Windsor Police Service website for the Car Seat Clinic dates.

Constable Ali Al-Roubaiai
Windsor Police Service
(519) 945-9671
Twitter @PCAliWPS

Address: 7911 Forest Glade Drive, Windsor
Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (MON - FRI)

Please visit the Safety Village website for more details