Windsor Police launches online hate crime reporting


Windsor Police launches online hate crime reporting

The Windsor Police Service is pleased to announce the launch of an online tool to make it easier and more accessible for members of the public to report hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents.

In Canada, a hate crime is defined as a criminal act driven by hatred towards someone’s race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or similar factors. Hate-motivated incidents may not be considered crimes but are still harmful. These incidents include name-calling, graffiti, racial insults, or spreading hateful messages.

The new reporting tool will enable individuals to submit detailed accounts of suspected hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents, including relevant information and evidence, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The form was developed in an effort to reduce barriers when reporting hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents and provide a better understanding of such incidents so police resources can be directed accordingly.

The launch of this new reporting tool reaffirms Windsor Police’s dedication to serving and protecting all members of our community.

“Hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents continue to impact individuals and families in Windsor and across Canada,” said Windsor Police Chief Jason Bellaire. “By leveraging technology to streamline the reporting process, we hope to empower victims and witnesses to come forward, while also bolstering our ability to effectively respond to incidents of hate.”

In 2023, Windsor Police received 32 reports of hate-motivated incidents: 17 involving race or ethnicity, nine involving religion, six involving sexual orientation, and one involving gender.

“We understand the profound impact that hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents can have on individuals and communities,” said Constable Philippe Peladeau, a designated Windsor Police Hate Crimes Officer. “By providing an online reporting option, we hope to remove some of these barriers and encourage greater participation in the fight against hate.”

“This initiative demonstrates the Windsor Police Service’s proactive approach in addressing hate crimes, ensuring that all citizens feel safe and supported, and fostering a community where hate and discrimination have no place,” said Dr. Fazle Baki, Chair of the Windsor Police’s volunteer-run Community Consultative Committee.

“This launch of the online hate reporting tool is a significant step in reporting hate crimes experienced by racialized communities in Windsor. Newcomers are hesitant to report or seek support for these painful experiences due to fear, stigma, and other barriers. Additionally, through monitoring and collection of data, more education and awareness campaigns can be offered to prevent hate-motivated incidents and make Windsor an inclusive community for all,” said Nandini Tirumala, Program Director of the South Asian Centre of Windsor.

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