Windsor Police Service creates more welcoming environment with two new barrier-breaking initiatives

Windsor Police Service News Update
August 10, 2023

Windsor Police Service creates more welcoming environment with two new barrier-breaking initiatives

The Windsor Police Service is pleased to announce two new initiatives to support newcomers to our city and better engage with members of our diverse communities. The first initiative is the unveiling of multilingual welcome signage at the main entrance of our headquarters and within the lobby and reception area. The second is the public launch of a translation app that will enable our members to more effectively communicate with people who aren’t fluent in English. 

Both projects were launched as part of the Windsor Police Service’s ongoing efforts to break down barriers and foster a more inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for new Canadians, individuals with language limitations, and people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds.

The new signage, which features words such as “Welcome” and “Hello” in a variety of languages and easy-to-read fonts with warm blue and green tones, was carefully selected based off extensive research with the goal of creating the most welcoming space and experience for all visitors. We also worked closely with our volunteer-run Community Consultative Committee and key community partners, including the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County and the New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc., to conduct multiple focus groups with new Canadians to refine and finalize the signage design and placement. 

It’s our hope that the new signage will help to alleviate the reticence and anxiety that some community members with language barriers may experience once they step into our headquarters and make them feel more comfortable in approaching our staff for assistance. We intend to introduce similar signage at our other facilities in the coming months. 

We are also excited to announce the launch of a new translation app that will enable our members to more quickly and easily communicate with people who have limited or no ability to speak English. The app allows  WPS members to immediately connect an individual with a translator of their preferred language who can then facilitate a productive conversation and better service.

Both initiatives align directly with the Windsor Police Service’s core values of integrity and respect, through deed and word, for all people, as well as our commitment to serving our community with honour and placing the needs of the public above those of our own. 


“More and more newcomers are choosing to come to Windsor, and they deserve a supportive and collaborative approach that meets their needs. We are excited to work with our community partners in creating a culture where people feel welcomed, comfortable, safe, and heard.”

- Chief Jason Bellaire, Windsor Police Service

“We are delighted with Windsor Police Service’s proactive steps in enhancing community communication. The creation of the Community Consultative Committee, coupled with recent advancements in installing lobby signage at the WPS headquarters and introducing a real-time translation app for officers, exemplifies the Windsor Police Service’s commitment to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for new Canadians and nurturing inclusivity, understanding, and trust in our diverse community.” 

- Dr. Fazle Baki, Co-Chair, WPS Community Consultative Committee

“The Multicultural Council is pleased to work with our partners at the Windsor Police Service to help create a more welcoming community for all through education, community engagement, and the promotion of equality and diversity.” 

- Fred Francis, Executive Director, Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County

“The New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc. applauds the Windsor Police Service for their commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming community through the installation of their new lobby signage. This initiative demonstrates the power of collaboration and highlights our shared values of embracing diversity. The new lobby signage serves as a powerful symbol of unity, showing that Windsor is a place where everyone can belong, regardless of their background. By recognizing and celebrating our differences, we strengthen the fabric of our community.”

- Reza Shahbazi, Executive Director, New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc.

For further information:
Contact the WPS Corporate Communication Unit's Public Information Officer at (519) 255-6700 ext. 4462.

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