Windsor Police kicks off 2024 Anti-Noise Campaign

Windsor Police Service News Update
May 1, 2024

Windsor Police kicks off 2024 Anti-Noise Campaign 

Today marks the official launch of the Windsor Police Service’s 2024 Anti-Noise Campaign. This annual awareness and enforcement initiative aims to curb deliberate and excessive noise caused by loud cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

During the campaign, officers will clamp down on motorists who intentionally rev their engines, squeal their tires, blare loud music, or produce other unnecessary noise pollutants. 

Officers will enforce existing Windsor and Amherstburg bylaws regarding sound emissions. They can also lay similar charges under the Highway Traffic Act “unnecessary noise” regulation. The initiative runs until September 2, 2024.

“Excessive vehicular noise can distract other motorists and disturb nearby residents and pedestrians,” said Inspector Jennifer Crosby, who oversees the Windsor Police Traffic Enforcement Unit. “Through this campaign, we want to encourage drivers to be safer and more considerate of others in the community.” 

During the Windsor Police’s 2023 Anti-Noise Campaign, officers issued 2,865 citations for speeding, 77 citations for stunt driving, and 58 citations for other noise-related infractions.

To file a noise complaint, please use the Windsor Police Service’s online reporting system​ or call our non-emergency line at 519-258-6111. Our 911 number should only be used in case of an emergency. 
For further information:
Contact the WPS Corporate Communication Unit's Public Information Officer at (519) 255-6700 ext. 4441.

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