Two victims lose money in online fraudulent gift card scams

Windsor Police Service News Update
October 18, 2023
Case #: 23-121168, 23-121059 
Two victims lose money in online fraudulent gift card scams

The Windsor Police Service is investigating two separate recent reports of online fraudulent scams.

In one incident, the victim replied to a fake Facebook account who posed as a close relative and advised the victim to add and trust another profile on the platform. Once added, the scammer advised the victim to purchase and send photos of gift cards as well as share her address and banking information. 

In the second incident, the victim received an email from someone who posed as a friend and asked for help in the form of gift cards. The victim purchased gift cards and emailed the photos of the scratched bar codes on the back of the cards. Once inspected, the fraudulent e-mail was found to be very similar to the friend’s email with only one letter difference. 

No suspects have been arrested at this time.

“Incidents like these serve as reminders to the public to stay vigilant when using online platforms. Enable two-factor authentication, don’t add anyone you aren’t sure of on social media, and take a close look at the email addresses sending you messages,” said Inspector David DeLuca, of the Windsor Police Service. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Financial Crimes Unit 519-255-6700, ext. 4330. They can also contact Crime Stoppers ​anonymously with information at 519-258-8477 (TIPS) or online at​

If you or someone you know is an affected person in need of support, please call Victim Services Windsor Essex County at 519-723-2711 or the Victim Assistance Unit at Windsor Police at 519-255-6700, ext. 4879.

For further information:
Contact the WPS Corporate Communication Unit's Public Information Officer at (519) 255-6700 ext. 4462.

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