Vehicles are towed by the Windsor Police Service for many reasons but not every vehicle towed within the city is towed by the police.

Under specific circumstances outlined in City Bylaws, vehicles can be towed from private property by the owner of the property.

The Windsor Police Service currently contracts with AM/PM Towing for all police related towing.

Vehicle Release:
Most vehicles require a Windsor Police Release before being picked-up at AM/PM Towing.

Most vehicles towed from an accident scene do not require a Police Release:

If no release is required. You can attend AM/PM Towing during regular business hours. AM/PM will only release a vehicle to the registered owner with accompanying identification. Payment will be required at this time.

For vehicles towed as a result of an arrest: Most vehicles will require a police release. If you were not informed by an investigator or are unsure, you should contact the police service at 519-255-6700 x 4000 prior to attending AM/PM Towing. (Providing a case number will speed the process). See “Release Process” below when a police release is required.

Vehicles towed due to a licence suspension or vehicle impound:

Require a release from the police.
Release Process:
A vehicle release must be obtained in person from the Windsor Police Headquarters at 150 Goyeau Street between 7:00am-7pm, 7-days a week. Vehicles can only be released to the registered owner with proof of identification, proof of valid insurance and current licence plate validation. Vehicles without current validation or proof of insurance can be released but only to be towed from the AM/PM compound.
Please note a licenced driver is required. You can only get the vehicle from the AM/PM compound during business hours, Monday to Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00PM and weekends 10:00AM to 2:00PM. Please see the AM/PM Towing website for holiday hours.

Inquiries can also be made by contacting the Windsor Police Service at 519-255-6700 ex 4000, or 4211.

Payment of Towing Fees:
The towing fees will be required at the time of vehicle release at AM/PM Towing. Payment disputes are between the vehicle owner and AM/PM Towing, not the Windsor Police Service. Inquiries regarding payment can be made by contacting AM/PMTowing.

Access to a vehicle at AM/PM Towing:
Generally access to vehicles while in the AM/PM compound is prohibited. Escorted access can be arranged in special circumstances but an access pass must be obtained through the Windsor Police prior to attending the AM/PM location. To obtain an access pass, the registered owner should attend the Windsor Police Headquarters with identification. In circumstances where someone other than the owner is attempting to get access, this person should get instructions from the police as to what documentation is required by calling 519-255-6700 x 4000.

Contact Information:

Windsor Police service
P.O. Box 60, 150 Goyeau Street
Windsor Ontario
N9A 6J5

AM/PM Towing

Outdoor: 2700 Central Avenue

Windsor, Ontario

Phone: 519-255-1711

Business Hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday and 10-2 on Saturday and Sunday.