Resources for Victims

Resources for Victims

Victim Assistance Unit

Police-based victim assistance that provides victims with up to date information, and serves as a liason between the police and the victim. Services include: emotional support, ensuring that victims understand their roles and their rights in the criminal justice system, as well as referral to community resources.

519-255-6700 ext. 4879

Victim Services of Windsor & Essex County

Community based program that offers crisis assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to victims of crime and other tragic circumstances. Assistance is available to all victims in Windsor & Essex County.

1219 10th Conc, Essex, ON N8M 2Y2


Victim/Witness Assistance Program
Provides information, assistance and support to victims and witnesses of crime to increase their understanding of, and participation in, the criminal court process. In addition, victim/witness assistance program can help victims understand what is expected of them at each court date, and help them prepare for their court appearances as well as provide information and updates on the criminal trial process.

Hiatus House

Hiatus house is a social service agency offering confidential intervention for families experiencing domestic violence in a culturally sensitive manner. Services include: crisis intervention services which are available on the phone and in person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

250 Louis Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 1W2


Bereavement Resources Program

Supportive grief counselling to bereaved individuals, as well as education and consultation to community agencies, groups and the general public. Facilitated support groups based on type of death or relationship to the deceased offer peer support and education which promote understanding of grieving process, as well as learning and implementation of healthy coping strategies.

1400 Windsor Avenue, Windsor, ON N8X 3L9


Metropolitan Campus (4th floor)

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Treatment Centre (SA/DVTC)

Provides immediate medical treatment, assists with forensic examinations while offering support to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and child sexual abuse.

SAFEKIDS program

A program, which provides medical assessment of children, suspected of being sexually abused or assaulted. SAFEKIDS is part of our community’s response to the needs of these children and their caregiver(s).

1995 Lens Avenue Windsor, Ontario N8W 1L9


Ouellette Campus (Ouellette Avenue)

Community Crisis Centre of Windsor-Essex County

A 24-hour walk-in service at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital for people experiencing an acute mental health crisis as well as short term counselling for people aged 16 and over who need help solving immediate mental health and psychological crisis.

1030 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ON

24-Hour Crisis Line 519-973-4435

519-973-4411 ext. 3003

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

24-hour crisis assistance and accompaniments in person at the Sexual Assault Treatment Center. Counselling and support services is available for both male and female victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest as well as their family members or significant others.

1770 Langlois Ave Windsor, ON N8X 4M5

24-hour crisis line: 519-253-9667


Family Services of Windsor and Essex County

Confidential voluntary counselling services to communities, families, individuals and couples with a goal of supporting those who are in need in a respectful and responsive manner.

1770 Langlois Ave., Windsor, ON, N8X 4M5



Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Aims to stop impaired driving and support those victimized by impaired drivers. Focused on youth services, victim services, public awareness and education, public policy and anti-impaired driving technology.

1158 Hall Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9A 2M9


Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society (CAS)

Works in the community to provide help and support to children and their families. Responsibilities include investigating allegations of child abuse, including neglect, as well as providing protection services to children, youth and their families.

1671 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON


Victim Support Line

Toll-free number to find information and referrals to services that help victims of crime in the community. The multilingual line provides services across Ontario, in most languages spoken in the province.


Reseau-Femmes Logo.jpg

Reseau-femmes du sud-ouest de l’Ontario

A non-profit organization working with women of French expression regardless of ethnicity, cultural affirmation, social or sexual orientation in South Western Ontario. The mandate is to do prevention work regarding all forms of violence against women and their children.

447 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, ON N9A 3H8

Toll free Southwestern Ontario number 1-888-946-3029

Reseau-femmes du sud-ouest de l’Ontairo

Une organisation à but non lucratif travaillant avec des femmes d'expression française indépendamment de l'origine ethnique, l'affirmation culturelle, sociale ou l'orientation sexuelle dans le sud-ouest de l'Ontario. Le mandat est de faire de la prévention concernant toutes les formes de violence contre les femmes et leurs enfants.

447 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, ON N9A 3H8

Sans frais numero pour le Sud-Ouest Ontario 1-888-946-3029

Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre

Driven by the desire of Aboriginal peoples within the areas of Windsor and Essex County to become a self-sufficient, self-determining, self-governing community.

2929 Howard Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 4W4


Legal Aid Ontario – Domestic Violence

Emergency two-hour consultation with a lawyer for domestic violence victims. Advice on immigration and refugee matters is also available. The program is offered through some shelters and community legal clinics.

185 City Hall Square, South Windsor, ON


Neighbours, Friends and Families

A public education campaign to raise awareness of the signs of woman abuse so that those close to an at-risk woman or an abusive man can help. The organization represents a significant shift in the approach of ending woman abuse. It engages the power of everyday relationships to help keep women and their children safe. There are also resources available for immigrant and refugee women, and elder abuse.

Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women

The mission is to assist immigrant and refugee women and their families to become full and participating members of Canadian society. Other information and referrals on social services, advocacy and community and government programs.



Windsor-Essex Community Opioid and Substance Strategy

WECOSS was initially developed to address the opioid crisis by creating a local repsonse based on existing best practices, community feedback, and egnagement of people with lived experiece using substances. This local response prioritizes the health and wellbeing of all people in WIndsor and Essex County by promoting evidence-based practices across the four pillars of the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy: Prevention, Treatment, Harm Reduction, and Enforcement. Through ongoing community dialogue and the emergence of additional local data, WECOSS has expanded its scope to include other substances, becoming a poly-substance strategy. Opioids remain the prioroty, but efforts are not limited to addressing a single substance in isolation.

Crisis Line: 519-973-4435