The WPS has four fully operational facilities

  • Our Headquarters Facility that is shared with a Provincial Courthouse
  • Our East End Community Patrol (EECP) Station that is shared with a private business partner
  • Our Sandwich Community Station that is shared with an elementary school, public library branch, and a child care facility
  • The Major F. A. Tilston, VC Armoury and Police Training Centre which is shared with the Department of National Defense

The future involves the redevelopment of the organization’s property at 5245 County Road 42 in late 2013 which will replace the current EECP station.

All police facility functions for new/expanded/renovated facilities are handled by the Facilities Section of the Planning & Physical Resources Branch. This includes research, planning, and design activities to determine and quantify specific facility needs, both present and future, plus all ongoing management within each WPS facility.

Operational functions are carried out by contracted City of Windsor Facility Management staff, under the direction of the Director of Planning & Physical Resources and coordinated by the Branch’s Research Assistant. This includes daily repairs, cleaning, and minor renovations. The Research Assistant also coordinates furniture acquisition and changes, telephone system infrastructure, and the administration of each building’s security access system.

See our Facilities page for contact information.