Risk Management Unit

Risk Manage ment Unit

The Windsor Police Service Risk Management Unit is committed to achieving the highest level of professional standards and excellence while contributing to the realization of the Service's goals and core values. The mandate of the Risk Management Unit is the pro-active identification, analysis and assessment of risk and the deployment of preventative strategies so that proactive measures can be taken to address high risk behavioural factors and trends in order to mitigate or eliminate liabilities to the organization.

The Risk Management Unit is responsible for:

  • conducting investigations into allegations of criminal conduct by members of the Service
  • the investigation of Workplace Violence & Harassment matters
  • allegations pertaining to violations under the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • conducting the administrative section 11 Reviews, pursuant to Ontario Regulation 267/10, forthwith in relation to the notification of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
  • conducting background investigations into prospective employees
  • conducting interviews of prospective employees

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