Windsor Police Service continues everyday in its efforts to reach out to the diverse communities it serves. Windsor is proud to be the fourth most diverse city in Canada.
Windsor Police Service recognizes that Windsor Essex is a mosaic of people who not only bring differences and uniqueness to our community, but contribute to making Canada the rich and wonderful country that we live in.
We recognize and respond to the sensitive needs of our culturally diverse region by building links with community, cultural and faith-based groups and through the efforts of officers in our Community Service Branch. We also partner with Community groups such as the Multicultural Council (MCC), Unemployed Help Centre (UHC) to enhance understanding and foster relationships between the police and all members of the public.
Every year, Windsor Police Service takes part in many cultural events across the City of Windsor and the Town of Amherstburg, in collaboration with our community partners.
Many Windsor Police Service officers are multilingual, speaking French, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Italian, Polish and many more.
Several other Diversity Programs offered by the Windsor Police Service includes:
  • Emergency Services Introduction for New Canadian (ESINC) to help immigrants and new Canadians understand how to access emergency services, including police, fire and ambulance in Windsor Essex Region.

  • Annual Diversity BBQ day - every year Windsor Police Service along with its first responder partners (Windsor Fire and Rescue Service and EMS) and other local Community partners hosts this culturally diverse event where several communities attend together to show their rich culture and diversity.

  • Annual Pride Festival - Windsor Police Service also actively takes part in the Annual Pride Festival and supports the LGBTQ community of Windsor and Amherstburg.