Call 911 in any emergencey where police, fire or ambulance is requried immediately

An emergency is defined as a sudden unforeseen crisis that requires immediate action.

For Example:

  •  You or another person are injured and in need of medical attention.
  •  Fire or smoke has been detected.
  •  A crime resulting in injury, potential injury or a life-threatening situation.
  •  You are following a suspected impaired driver.
  •  A robbery or theft is being committed.
  •  Someone is screaming for help.
  •  The sound of breaking glass is heard.
  •  An explosion or gunshot is heard.
  •  A motor vehicle accident has just occurred.
  •  Someone asks you to call 911 for an unknown situation.

Non-Emergency Calls Requiring Police Attendence call (519) 258-6111

To speak with an officer call 519-255-6700 Ext 4000

See our Reporting section to choose the Reporting option that best suits your non-emergency situation